Pork Pie with Cranberry Topping

Pork Pie with Cranberry Topping

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Pork Pie with a Cranberry Topping

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Our sweet pork is balanced by cranberries which make an interesting addition to our range.

Baked to perfection using our own pastry, and filled with the finest locally reared pork, seasoned to perfection.

Delicious served with a slice of creamy blue cheese for supper.

Additional information

All of our pies are feshly made to order in our bakery to ensure they arrive to you fresh and perfectly crisp and crumbly. Our pork is sourced locally from Nottinghamshire farms, most frequently from a farm just six miles from us, enabling us to provide the traceability and provenance the mordern customer needs.

Sent to you fresh with a minimum of 5 days shelf life.  Can be frozen at home but the pastry will not be as crisp as when fresh..

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