Victuallers Orange and Stout Boneless Ham

Victuallers Orange and Stout Boneless Ham

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Victualler’s Orange & Stout Boneless Ham

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Victualler’s Ham – Full of flavour, we keep the exact recipe a secret, but we believe it’s the addition of Stout and honey in our unique marinade, together with a traditional marmalade glaze that makes this ham so special.

Available as a whole, half or mini ham.

Whole hams weigh at least 4.50 kg.                                               Serving approx 65-70 generous slices.

Half hams weigh at least 2.30 kg.                                                   Serving approx 30-35 generous slices.

After many requests for a smaller version of our hams, we created our Mini Ham. Perfect for smaller gatherings and boneless for easy carving. Exactly the same as our other Hams, cut from the cured leg.  With a minimum weight of 1.4kg,  It will feed 10-15 people generously.

Each Ham has a ‘Use By’ date of up to 3 weeks. You can expect our hams to last that long in the fridge with their vacuum pouch intact.Store at 5°or below

Ingredients and allergen information:

Pork, salt, cure, marmalade. Cure contains: Pentasodium triphosphates E451 preservatives sodium nitrate E250, antioxidants sodium ascorbate E301 & citric acid E330, smoke flavouring. Marmalade Contains: glucose syrup, sugar, orange, gelling agent, liquid peptose, citric acid, regulator sodium citrate, colour caramel.

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