The "Signature" Festive Feast

The "Signature" Festive Feast

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Our signature selection contains all our customer's favourites, plus some added extras from other artisan suppliers we love. The perfect Christmas package for any foodie.

What is in your package:

Half Alderton Ham, Boneless 

Whole Smoked Chicken 

Forman’s Hand Sliced Smoked Salmon, 5 x 100g packs

2lb Traditional Pork Pie 

Trio of Pates

Snowdonia Black Bomber Dual Truckle, contains 1 x Black Bomber Truckle 200g and

1 x Ruby Mist Truckle 200g 

Sovereign Gin Liqueur, Apple & Blackberry flavour 

Tracklements Christmas Chutney Le Parfait 

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