Dry Cured Smoked Streaky Bacon

Dry Cured Smoked Streaky Bacon

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Dry Cured Smoked Streaky Bacon

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For those who prefer their bacon smoked, perfect for butties or a good breakfast. Our dry cured smoked bacon is cured by hand using curing salts & demerara sugar, which is rubbed in and left to mature before being smoked over oak shavings to give a unique flavour.


Sourced from local outdoor reared pigs, in our opinion, really the best you will find in the area. Your order is prepared here at The Country Victualler by our skilled butchers and delivered to your door fresh, so you can choose between freezing or consuming within a few days.

Additional information

Dry cured and oak smoked for a fuller flavour.

Ideal for home freezing for a maximum time of 3 months.

Use within 2 weeks, once pack opened use within 4 days.

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