Luxury Picnic Pack

Luxury Picnic Pack

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Our luxury picnic pack is perfect for large family picnics, feeding 8-10 people generously All our Hams, Pates and Baked goods are made fresh, by hand, to order, ensuring only the very best quality for our customers.

Each Luxury pack contains:

1x Mini Alderton Ham (minimum 1.4 kg)

1x Picnic Pork pie selection pack

Our Trio of bestselling Pates

4 x  sausage Rolls

1x 3 Cheese and Cherry Tomato Quiche 

1 Wedge of Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese (500g)

1x 345g jar of Tracklements Onion Marmalade

Just add some delicious fresh bread, some salad and enjoy your feast.

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