Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak

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Beef Sirloin Steaks

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Sirloin steak has the perfect balance of tenderness and taste and because we hang all our beef for a minimum of three weeks, it is melt-in-the-mouth succulent.

Our beef is carefully aged on the bone for between 21 to 28 days to provide a taste and texture that is truly amazing. Furthermore, unlike many butchers that buy their beef already cut we work with the full carcass meaning we can offer the full range of cuts for the more adventurous cooks.

Store at 5°or below

Chef's Cooking Tip.

Before cooking steak, take it out of the fridge and let it rest for a couple of hours, to get it to room temperature.

Fry your steak in oil in a smoking hot pan, the intense heat from the pan will create a delicious, meaty brown crust.. Turn it over every 15-20 seconds, so the outside stays hot enough for a crust to form, without the inside overcooking.

Once it’s cooked, let your steak rest for at least five minutes. This holds in the moisture and leaves your steak juicy and tender.

All of our beef is locally sourced from British Beef cattle, naturally raised on farms recognised for high standards of animal welfare. Your order is prepared here at The Country Victualler by our skilled butchers and delivered to your door fresh, so you can choose between freezing or consuming within a few days.

Shelf life 6 days.

Suitable for home freezing.

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